Lobbying on your behalf

The British Chambers of Commerce has a high-profile policy and lobbying team that represents the interests of members in Westminster, Whitehall and in Brussels.

Working together with the Chamber Network, the BCC engages with decision-makers to influence policy, ensuring the interests of businesses are represented. To support this work, we publish a range of publications and reports across our key policy areas. Search below to read our latest:

Economic data

The results of the BCC’s latest economic forecast and Quarterly Economic Survey – the UK’s largest, private business survey.

Monthly economic review

The Monthly Economic Review is a short briefing that provides easy-to-use commentary on the key economic indicators for UK businesses.

Labour market

BCC research on a range of issues affecting the labour market, including skills, training, and employment policy.


The BCC’s latest research and surveys on the future of the UK-EU relationship.


The BCC’s publications and research on the latest trends in international trade.


Research on the physical and digital infrastructure needs and priorities of the UK’s business communities.


Research on the UK’s digital infrastructure and the latest from our No More Not Spots campaign.


Research on financial issues such as the UK tax system and investment intentions.

Consultation Responses

Read the latest consultation responses from the BCC Policy Team.