UK Import Tax Calculator

The British Chambers of Commerce have just launched a new and useful UK Import Tax Calculator tool, developed by experts at ChamberCustoms and Exabler. The UK import tax calculator is quick, easy and free to use and can work out the different rates of duty available to businesses when importing goods.

Now that the UK has left the EU Common Market, any goods coming from abroad will most likely attract duty and VAT. This fact concerns traders, businesses and private individuals buying goods from other countries. When comparing prices, you will now need to factor in import taxes.

ChamberCustoms wants to help traders keep trading, simplifying tasks as much as possible. As a starting point, you can use the UK Import Tax Calculator to quickly work out what needs to be paid to HMRC.

UK Import Tax Calculator can assist anyone importing goods, from a one-man-band to a large corporation.

UK Import Tax Calculator

*Please note that this calculator only understands the duties payable in the UK. It’s not going to help you work out what duty may be expected in a foreign country to import goods from the UK into other countries.