Export Documentation Service

Connecting Cumbrian businesses to the world.

The Chamber can simplify the process, ensuring documents are completed correctly to save you time and money.

Cumbria Chamber of Commerce is an accredited issuer of export documentation for both Cumbria and adjacent areas of Scotland and can advise businesses how to access and process the documents they need to get their goods to world markets.

Our export team are here to help you with the regulatory processes governing international trading. We can also offer Chamber members with a significant discount on all international trade documentation.

Which documents can we process for you?

Exporters need to complete an annual formal undertaking, (this is part of the registration process on our documentation portal) and also need to be aware of the standard rules that apply to Certification of International Trade Documents. See form here.

Certificates of Origin

Importers usually require a Certificate of Origin to meet customs or quota requirements in the importing country, or to comply with banking requirements.

EUR1 Movement Certificates

An EUR1 document can help your buyer in some countries import your goods more cheaply under preference. Preference means that your buyer may pay a lower or nil rate of import duty on your goods.

Arab-British Documents

We have arrangements with neighbouring Chambers to process Arab Documents.

Standard Rules for Export

Standard rules to be observed by applicants for the issue of Certificates of Origin or for the Certification of International Trade documents. View the document here.

What does it cost?

For Certificates of Origin our prices are £27.00 + VAT for members and £44.00 + VAT for non-members for documents submitted express for printing out at your premises.  For express EUR1 documents our prices are £26.00 + VAT for members and £43.00 + VAT for non-members.

When you need an original Chamber stamp and Chamber signature on your documents and submit them using the standard method for 1st class post return our prices are £33.00 + VAT for members and £49.00 + VAT for non-members.  For standard EUR1 documents our prices are £32.00 + VAT for members and £48.00 + vat for non-members.

Please see our Price List for further details.

What is my next step?

For businesses new to exporting, we recommend that you register your business with https://ecert.sgs.com/uk/. Once registered, you will be able to access, complete and submit forms online, ensuring accuracy and saving you valuable time and money.

For advice and support, contact the Chamber export team on 0845 226 0040 or send an email to info@cumbriachamber.co.uk.