Chamber Health Care

Health and wellbeing for you and your employees.

17 million working days in the UK are lost to sickness and injury every year – this equates to 4.3 days, per employee per year, reducing business productivity and profits.

Chamber Health Care Plan offers an affordable and valuable addition to your employee benefits package. As well as keeping your employees healthy and motivated the plan is designed to reduce absenteeism, improve staff productivity and improve staff retention.

From just £6.13 per employee per month, we can help you with:

  • Attraction & Retention

    • Attract & retain the best talent
    • Ensure staff feel happy and valued
    • Improve productivity and motivation
    • Take care of older workers
  • Engagement and Results

    • Take positive steps to build a healthy company
    • Empower staff to make informed and suitable wellbeing choices
    • Create a healthier workforce resulting in increased productivity
  • Absence Security

    • Don’t wait for absence to happen before offering it a helping hand
    • Ensure the impact of absence is as small as possible, reducing costs
    • Take a proactive approach to absence reduction, getting staff back to work quickly!

Up to 100% healthcare costs covered

With the Chamber Primary Healthcare Plan, employees will have access to a wide range of healthcare benefits and services, including money back towards their everyday healthcare expenses up to the maximum allowance provided by their cover. These include:

  • Optical Treatments
  • Dental and Dental Trauma Treatments
  • Chiropody Treatments
  • Therapy Treatments
  • Consultations

Instant cover

From day one, employees have access to:

  • Confidential 24-hour Freefone counselling and advice lines
  • MRI, CT & PET scanning facilities
  • Access to the Best Doctors service
  • Personal accident and disability cover
  • Reduced rates at health clubs
  • A fantastic range of concessionary deals through the Westfield Health Rewards Scheme

Cover for your children

Employees can also provide additional cover for their children from just 15p per week.

Find out more

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