3 reasons great copywriting is essential for your business

The copy used in the content you create sells your brand’s story. It helps your customers understand your offer and entices your audience, creating a desire to come back for more.

Content alone isn’t enough to build valuable relationships with your customers. The tone of voice you use can make all the difference!

1. Great copy sells. It entertains the reader, resonates and compels them to take action. It gives you the opportunity to promote your products effectively to the right audience and convert your prospects into customers.

2. Great copy separates you from your competitors. Is your product or service in a saturated market? There are different tactics you can use to sell through copywriting. For example a clear tone of voice can set your brand apart from its competitors

3. Great copy builds your brand image. The content you create reflects your brand personality. And this is how your audience perceive you. Using language and tone of voice that’s ‘yours’ enables your audience to pick your brand out from the crowd and increases your chances of generating more sales.

But good copywriting can be expensive. No one else knows your business better than you, so why not learn to create better copy that sells for your website, sales materials and social media?

On Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th April, the Chamber is hosting ‘Being Heard Above the Noise: Copywriting that Sells’, a workshop held over 2 days that shares some copywriting techniques used by the world’s top copywriters. You’ll gain expert knowledge and access basic toolkits and frameworks to help you write better copy. Find out more here.

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