Update on the Cumbria Local Skills Improvement Plan

Our final LSIP report for Cumbria has now been available since July. If you haven’t yet read the report, you can download it from our website here.

The report identified several key areas of focus for improving skills provision and developing the overall workforce in Cumbria, including recruitment, basic and functional skills, employee behaviours and emotional intelligence, provision of green skills training and issues surrounding apprenticeships.

It’s fantastic to see the work that’s going on around the county to remedy these challenges, informed by the LSIP findings. To name a few, these include:

  • Cumbria Tourism’s Tourism Talent Hub, an online resource pairing candidates with roles and training in the hospitality industry. Find out more
  • The Land and Nature Skills Service, currently in development, which aims to serve a similar role as the Tourism Talent Hub but for Cumbria’s land-based and rural economy (more on this to follow in early 2024)
  • Construction Industry Training Board’s (CITB) green skills resources
  • Engagement with schools and colleges aimed at developing employability skills in young people
  • Promoting and facilitating alternative pathways to recruitment, e.g. employing ex-offenders

Over the past few months, Chamber staff working on the LSIP, have been discussing the LSIP findings as well as actions underway at events at businesses, schools and colleges around the county.

Last month, the Chamber’s Power 40 group, which includes business leaders from some of Cumbria’s most influential businesses, met for an LSIP-themed event at Lakes College. Similar to other events, meetings and focus groups we’ve done, this event provided a forum for industry leaders and education providers to come to collaborate and discuss skills challenges.

LSIP stakeholders will be equally busy in 2024. Key activities will include implementing the activities being funded through the Local Skills Improvement Fund, which include:

  • An Environmental Land Management Centre
  • Low carbon and green energy hubs and centres across Cumbria
  • A Regional Hub and Accredited Centre for training and certification of Electric Vehicle Charging Point installers/maintainers
  • Digital training and education at level 3 to 5 with include pathways in coding, data and analysis, cyber security and networking
  • A digital innovation and “maker” space
  • Experiential training on the use of new technologies
  • Developing content to explore and demonstrate the use of digital twins using Mixed Reality in manufacturing
  • Creating a virtual restaurant providing training and education across Cumbria
  • Further developing the Cumbrian Framework for Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeships by developing a foundation degree Level 4 and 5.

The turn of the year seems an appropriate point to thank all stakeholders for their enthusiasm for and commitment to the LSIP during 2023. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with you in 2024!

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