“Our aim is to be an innovative, committed and financially strong business organisation for Cumbria, seeking opportunities to support and represent businesses whatever their size or sector

We do this by rolling up our sleeves and making it happen”

Networking & Events getting connected…

Networking for Success

As Cumbria's ultimate business network, the Chamber organises and manages a varied and rewarding events programme for businesses throughout the county. These are open to both members and non-members, with significant savings for members on all paid for events.

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Networking through the Chamber is the key to future sales

David Martin, Lloyds Motor Group
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With approaching 300 events a year, over 8000 attendees and an estimated £20m plus business achieved through business networking, Cumbria Chamber’s business networking solutions will help you develop and grow your business

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Member Services

Core services specifically designed to benefit member businesses

Cumbria Chamber of Commerce offers members a comprehensive range of products and services, designed to help businesses grow and operate effectively. All services are either free or discounted to members and many are exclusive.

The Chamber’s range of services is constantly being enhanced to provide a competitive option for services from Invoice Financing and Foreign Exchange to Legal Advice and Health Plans. Access to these services at significantly advantageous rates ensures businesses are able to benefit directly from their membership.

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HR Advice, Legal Expenses & Advice Line, Utilities, Primary Health Plan, Roadside Assistance, Fleet Advantage, Invoice Finance, Foreign Exchange, Merchant Services, Finance Hotline, Export Documentation Service

Business Support fit for business…

Since its formation in May 2001 Cumbria Chamber of Commerce has been working to support the success of businesses throughout Cumbria. During this period, the Chamber has grown into a strong, highly focused and successful organisation, recognised as one of the UK’s top Chambers and a leading exemplar in the delivery of business support and services.

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Generating over £550m GVA… Creating or safeguarding more than 8500 jobs…

Policy & Representation power and influence…

British Chambers of Commerce represents 53 accredited Chambers nationally. The Chamber network has thousands of members drawn from all business sectors who together employ over 5 million people.

“As a major international company coming into the area for the first time, having a local representative to explain in detail how the area works, and, more importantly, where stakeholders fit in, has been particularly important. Access to the Chamber senior team gives opportunities to express your views to key stakeholders. ”

Barry Watkinson, Nuclear Development Director, Morgan Stanley

As an accredited member of British Chambers of Commerce, Cumbria Chamber works closely with other Chambers to lobby Government on a wide range of issues relating to business. British Chambers of Commerce ensures the interests of members on matters relating to economic policy and legislation relavent to business are brought to the attention of key decisionmakers in Government, giving members a direct voice in Whitehall and the corridors of power.

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“We’re proud to be associated with the team at Cumbria Chamber. Our long running partnership supports our ambition of a strong growing economy for Cumbria...”

Jackie Arnold, Head of Strategy & Business Planning, BAE Systems - Submarine Solutions