Time to upgrade your IT System?

Many business owners would like to believe that once you have purchased your IT technology for your business, you won’t have to buy new again.

Although we’d love to have technology that’s robust enough to last forever, continuous updates and new systems could leave you missing out on the best software for your business.

Essentially, not investing in new technology could end up costing you more money than if you managed to stay ahead. So what are some of the signs that your IT system might be due for an upgrade?

Performance – if your employees’ computers are running slow, crashing frequently, take a long time to boot or load applications it could be time for an upgrade.

Hardware – poor performance could be a result of outdated hardware. As your system gets older, it becomes less able to run new applications which are constantly being updated.

Compatibility – compatibility issues with new software or hardware, is another sign that it could be time to update your system.

Frustrated staff – we all know how difficult it can be when your laptop is slowing you down at work. If your staff are complaining of poor functioning IT equipment, their productivity is probably being restricted as a result.

Cyber security – if your business is using older computers running on older operating systems, they are unlikely to support updates which include the latest cyber security protection. This leaves your business open to cyber-attacks.

Where to start addressing some of these issues?

If you think your IT system could be due for an upgrade but are unsure where to start, our new member service, Chamber IT Solutions includes a FREE IT systems review and/or a FREE cyber security review from our partner David Allen IT Solutions.

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