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For details of forthcoming webinars and training sessions, check the events calendar on our overview page.


Webinar replays

The Government has produced a series of webinars with specific information for the following sectors, which are available to replay:

You can also register for access to on-demand UK Transition video explainers on areas including exports, imports, tariffs, data and hiring.



Customs videos

HM Revenue and Customs has produced a series of short videos aimed at businesses that are new to customs.

1. What is customs?

2. What you need to know to bring goods into the UK

3. What you need to do to send goods out of the UK

4. What are commodity codes?

5. What are controlled goods?

6. How to check if you can delay customs payments and declarations



Ministry of Justice Intellectual Property webinar

This webinar explores how UK businesses and legal professionals can both protect and enforce their Intellectual Property rights across Europe following the end of the Transition Period.



Podcast: Business and the future of immigration in 2021

Official Home Office podcast.


Video case studies

  1. Kendal Nutricare

2. Playdale Playgrounds


Chamber webinars

Last October, Cumbria Chamber of Commerce commissioned experts in intellectual property law, international trade and HR to deliver three workshops to help businesses prepare for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit. We recorded their presentations as webinars and also recorded short podcasts with each of them.  Much of the content remains relevant as businesses prepare for the end of the transition period.

1. Data, IP and tech

Alex CraigMore than 40 years since the UK joined what is now the EU, trying to understand the laws that may change on a no-deal departure and what that means for your business is challenging.

Alex Craig, head of commercial at law firm Muckle, explains the impact on data flow and intellectual property rights including copyright, designs, trade marks and patents.


Chamber webinar

Supporting video on the exhaustion of IP rights


Click HERE to download the slides from Alex’s webinar.

Chamber podcast

Understand what Brexit will mean for data handling, intellectual property rights and .eu domain names. Alex outlines the changes and the likely impacts for UK businesses.


2. International trade after Brexit

Mark Rowbotham

Mark Rowbotham is a consultant in international trade.

He  explores what Brexit means for exporters and importers, crucially complete withdrawal from the Single Market and the imposition of full import and export controls for goods moving to and from the EU in a manner similar to the UK’s trade with non-EU countries now.

This presentation highlights these changes and provides the information you need to make sure you’re prepared and are implementing measures to ensure that trade with the EU continues to run smoothly.

Chamber webinar


Click HERE to download the slides from Mark’s webinar

Chamber podcast: International trade after Brexit

Mark explores what a no-deal Brexit would mean for exporters and importers.


3. Brexit and your workforce

Lee PettsPeople are key to every business so this webinar covers your current and future workforce – whether you employ migrant workers, your staff travel to the EU for servicing of contracts or other business purposes or you’re concerned about workforce retention.

Lee Petts of Seekly Recruitment takes you through the measures you need to take around employee EU registration, employee compliance, planning, future-proofing and HR workforce support.

Chamber webinar


Click HERE to download the slides from Lee’s webinar

Chamber podcast

In this podcast, Lee sets out what employers need to do to ensure they can retain and recruit the people they need beyond Brexit.