The place to start preparations for business beyond Brexit

Our round-up of practical advice and information

The Government’s UK transition website is a good primer. It prompts you to answer a few questions then provides a personalised list of actions for your business.

You can check the official transition news feed and sign up for emails to be updated when things change.

There are also news feeds for guidance and regulation and  policy papers and consultations.

Most businesses will want to carry out a risk assessment to gauge how they might be affected. This post-transition checklist from the British Chambers of Commerce makes a good template. Once you have assessed the risks you can put mitigation measures in place.

Whether your business trades with Europe or not, it’s probably wise to factor in disruption to supply chains at least for the first few months of 2021. The Government has published its Reasonable Worst Case Scenario for borders at the end of the transition period. Working on the assumption that between 30% and 50% of trucks might not be border-ready, it forecasts that there could be queues of up to 7,000 trucks in Kent on the approach to Channel ports, leading to delays of up to two days.

The British Chambers has more information in its Brexit hub including a useful section Brexit transition and beyond.