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Welcome to the latest news and updates from the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, your hub for business insights, events, and developments in the Cumbria region.

Working to improve the marketing skills in your business?

Cumbria Chamber’s Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) is very much a living document through 2025, and the trailblazing work being done by the Chamber covers eight sectors representing a broad representation of the Cumbrian economy.
Working to improve the youth skills in your business

Part of the skills gap identified is the need for an improved understanding and skills in the use of marketing. Such skills could include:

  • Identifying new customers and how best to communicate with them.
  • How to get more customer recommendations and get them to return for more through effective customer insights training.
  • Use various platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Facebook to maintain a presence and conversation with your customers and gain fabulous insights into how they think and behave.
  • Planning tools to have a roadmap for where to take your business – setting key objectives, identifying suitable products for your existing customers, or identifying new markets to sell your products into, an effective marketing mix to make it happen and then to measure progress and ultimate success.
  • Promotional techniques to understand what to say, to whom, when and through what media and how to measure success against clear objectives.
  • How to make sure your brand stands out and your customers’ expectations are raised and delivered every time.

Our experience shows us that focussing your attention on who buys from you and how you satisfy their needs enables your business to grow.  Of course, supported by the right messaging and media and ensuring your focus is achieving a first class customer experience, every time.

What do your customers say about you?  Is that something you are proud of and how do you share it?

nesma haves been working with Cumbrian employers to improve marketing skills for over 10 years. We have worked with employees from Lloyds Motors, BSW Timber, NHS, Windermere Cruises, Cranstons, James Cropper and the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, to name just a few.

The Outward Bound Trust is a small charity headquartered in Cumbria, and they are proud to encourage and invest in the skills of all their staff.

James Ferguson, PR and Communications Manager at the Outward Bound Trust said, “The Trust couldn’t do what it does without pursuing external qualifications, from paddle sports and mountaineering to rock climbing and team building – and marketing and communications are no exception. Marketing qualifications have provided the marketing and communications team with the skills needed to succeed in our roles and contribute to the charity’s strategic mission”.

Whatever size or kind of business you are, investing in the marketing skills your team needs will give your business the best chance of success.

nesma’s approach to addressing skills gaps can start with a comprehensive but targeted analysis, and we always design activities to fit flexibly around your people and business, whether you are a large corporate or a sole trader.

The Chamber, too, recognises the importance of marketing training as their own Marketing Manager, Joe Sanders, is studying for his CIM Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and says; ‘During the diploma I have developed skills across the wide range of digital marketing practices and tools, from creating customer personas to measuring and monitoring marketing activities. I’ve been able to use these skills in my role at the Chamber with positive outcomes which will inform our marketing strategy going forward.”

The Chambers’ research has highlighted that upskilling is vital to give organisations the confidence to stay ahead. However, marketing is fast paced, challenging, and always changing, which in turn means it is exciting. Upskilling your team is not a one-off fix but a continuous development journey, ensuring that your company is fit for the future.

nesma also has a range of short courses – delivered online and in person – to help you take your marketing planning to the next level. These range from use of TikTok through to branding or marketing planning and everything in between.

If you would like us to conduct a training needs analysis and identify or create suitable courses to meet your company’s marketing, digital marketing, communications or sustainability requirements, just let us know at lucy.davidson@nesma.co.uk.


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