Discussing investment opportunities for Cumbrian businesses with Regionally and RfM Accountants

In the latest episode of the Cumbria Chamber podcast we discuss investment opportunities for Cumbrian businesses through Regionally, an investment service designed to connect private investors with established businesses based in the UK outside of London.

In part two of the podcast we talk to Chamber members RfM Accountants who work with Regionally to provide their service, ‘the Regionally Way’,  which helps businesses get investment ready.

Guests: Jim Odell (CEO of Regionally), Paul Newsham (Senior Director of RfM) and Tony Backhouse (MD of RfM Transform)

If you’re interested in learning more then get in touch with either:

  1. Paul Newsham – pnewsham@rfm-more.co.uk
  2. Tony Backhouse – tbackhouse@rfm-more.co.uk