Barry Leahey

Non-executive Director at Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, MD of Playdale Playgrounds

Her job in less than a minute

Barry leads a team of motivated and capable individuals at Playdale Playgrounds. As Chief Executive Officer, it’s his responsibility that the company works towards the aims of shareholder needs.

Barry Leahey
What is his connection to Cumbria?

Barry’s connection to Cumbria began when he was 7, when he came to Witherslack for holidays. After many positive memories of summer holidays in Cumbria, Barry eventually moved up here permanently in 2004.

Why join the Chamber’s board of directors?

Barry feels very privileged to have achieved so much in the county, he believes that giving back wherever he can to the local community will be beneficial for both him and the people he is helping. Barry finds being a member of the board of directors mutually beneficial.

What is his standout/best quality when working?

Barry believes some of his best qualities are that is a good listener, very strategic and quick thinking. He’s found this to be extremely beneficial as a CEO as he needs to think fast, problem solve and listen to everyone’s ideas. He would best describe himself as dynamic which is perfect for his line of work.

What is his biggest career highlight to date?

Barry feels the best when he sees other people achieve, he believes that you get out what you put in, and when he knows someone has been working hard and gets the result they were wishing for, he feels extremely proud and happy for that person. He was extremely proud of himself when got an MBE for services to UK trade and exports.

A fun fact

Barry once used a bowl of soup as a finger bowl in Korea!

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