Allan Wilson

President of Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, Engineering Manager, Pirelli Tyres

His job in less than a minute

Allan is responsible for Pirelli’s assets in the UK. Pirelli has two factories in the UK, one in Carlisle and one in Burton on Trent, and these factories produce 10,000 tyres every day. His responsibility is to install the machines that make the tyres. This includes implementing new machines that improve existing products, and introducing extra machines to expand volume. He also develops future projects while meeting the demands of Pirelli’s customer such as limiting energy consumption and to make tyres more efficient.

Allan Wilson
What is his connection to Cumbria?

Allan was born in Carlisle and his first job was as an apprentice Mechanical Engineer at Pirelli in Carlisle. After 42 years of working for the company and travelling the world to places like Milan, Allan returned to his home town as a Production Manager based in Carlisle.

Why did join the Chamber’s board of directors?

Allan attended many Chamber events and soon realised they were the voice of business in Cumbria. They were, and are, very visible and an important business organisation that people listen to. Allan believes the Chamber is excellent at introducing businesses to one another and is key to building networks.

What is his standout/best quality when working?

Allan believes one of his best qualities is his leadership skills after working in many senior management roles. Allan gives his team the confidence to do well and believes what makes him a good leader is his listening skills. He supports his teams and celebrates their success.

What is his biggest career highlight to date?

After having a long and successful career, Allan specifically recalls a project in Carlisle which gave him the most satisfaction. One area of the factory had workers lifting heavy tyres, and people in this department were getting musculoskeletal issues due to the lifting. Allan wanted to stop injuries occurring and help the team so they introduced robotic technology that stopped manual lifting and reduced injuries. This project used new technology and engineering to help reduce injuries within the workplace, and Allan found this to be a huge accomplishment in his career.

A fun fact

Allan enjoys attending track days in his race car.

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