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Menopause Support Resources

Around a quarter of women in the workforce are of menopausal age, yet many face a lack of awareness from their employer or colleagues.

With several studies reporting that women feel the menopause impacts their performance at work, employers have a responsibility to increase understanding and provide guidance for their people.

Menopause symptoms can have a significant impact on attendance and performance in the workplace. Research found that 84% of employees would like their workplace to offer more advice and support around the menopause.

Chamber Health Care providers Westfield Health have produced free resources that can be used to help you create a culture that makes your employees feel comfortable and supported. Resources include a Menopause Awareness in the Workplace webinar, Menopause fact sheets and also blog that contains easy-to-read information.

Do you want to make your employee benefits package more appealing? If yes, check out what’s on offer through Chamber Health Care. For as little as £6.13 per employee per month, the health care plan Is an affordable and valuable addition to your employee benefits package. Not only does it designed to reduce absenteeism and improve staff productivity, but staff can also benefit from moneyback towards their everyday healthcare expenses on:

  • Optical Treatments
  • Dental and Dental Trauma Treatments
  • Chiropody Treatments
  • Therapy Treatments
  • Consultations


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