Case Study
Alec Pearson Coaching

“The opportunities for growth and networking have not only met but exceeded my expectations.” Alec Pearson

Alec Pearson Coaching, specialises in Leadership, Business, and Career Growth coaching programmes for private individuals and SME’s throughout Cumbria and the UK. Founded two years ago, and building on over 30 years of diverse sector experience and a decade in senior management training, accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management, Alec focusses on fostering transformative coaching partnerships. Alec’s coaching programmes are designed to tackle leadership challenges, hone masterful leadership skills, and enhance strategic and business growth, while resolving team performance issues.

What made you want to join the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce?
I joined the Chamber to engage with the vibrant network of local businesses throughout Cumbria and to utilise the extensive engagement and support services the Chamber provides its members.

How has being a member of Cumbria Chamber impacted your business’s visibility in Cumbria?
Since joining Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, my business’s visibility and engagement within the region have significantly increased. Featuring an episode of the Cumbria Chamber podcast and being actively involved in several Chamber-hosted events, for example, Business Bites, have greatly expanded my local reach. These opportunities have not only allowed me to forge new connections but also to secure new clients. I would like to extend my gratitude to Chamber employees Kev Warman and Joe Sanders for their outstanding support and engagement over the past year.

Which of the member services have you benefited from?
I have particularly benefited from the extensive information and support provided by the Chamber Protect services, as well as healthcare and product purchasing savings. These services have not only offered significant financial savings but also helped to reduce the time I spend on these aspects of my business.

Have you had the chance to collaborate with other Chamber members?
The opportunity for collaboration has been a cornerstone of my Chamber membership. I’ve engaged in valuable discussions with other local businesses to understand their challenges, needs and wants. These insights have allowed me to tailor my offerings and provide comprehensive solutions, enhancing both service quality and client satisfaction.

How would you rate your overall experience as a Chamber member?
My overall experience as a member of the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce has been outstanding. The opportunities for growth and networking have not only met but exceeded my expectations. Both Cumbria Chamber and the wider business community have been immensely supportive. I extend a big thank you to everyone involved!