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BT PSTN Switch off delayed to 31 January 2027

BT has announced a delay in the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Switch Off, now scheduled for 31 January 2027.
BT PSTN Switch off delayed to 31 January 2027

Originally posted here: BT PSTN Switch Off delayed to 31 January 2027 (david-allen.co.uk)

BT has announced a delay in the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Switch Off, now scheduled for 31 January 2027.

In the BT Group year-end report, the company stated, ‘We now plan to have migrated all customers off the PSTN by the end of January 2027, aligning the programme with full fibre broadband customer upgrades where available.’

This decision, reported by various news outlets, signifies a major shift in the communications sector with significant implications for businesses, consumers, and the IT industry.

Understanding the PSTN Switch Off

The PSTN aims to make the change from analogue technologies, such as landlines, to a more efficient digital system.  The two-year extension reflects the complexities and challenges associated with such a massive change.

Benefits of the PSTN Delay

Infrastructure Readiness: The delay will allow more time to ensure full digital network readiness across the UK, particularly in areas like Cumbria where full fibre coverage is still lacking.

Business Adaptation: Businesses reliant on outdated computer systems and software have additional time to upgrade, invest in new technologies and train staff.

Consumer Transition: The extended timeline could allow for a smoother transition for consumers, minimising the risk of service interruptions and ensuring the availability of alternative solutions.

Challenges of the PSTN Delay

While the delay offers benefits, it also presents challenges.  Continued reliance on the PSTN network requires ongoing maintenance and investment in outdated systems.  Which, as a result, could divert needed resources from other projects aimed at driving the technological development of a company.  Ensuring that technological transitions are comprehensive and inclusive remains crucial for providing reliable, high-quality services and bridging the digital divide.

Despite the extension, businesses must still transition from the PSTN before 2027.  Acting sooner rather than later is advisable. Our IT partner, David Allen IT Solutions can assist you in making this change smoothly and efficiently. 

And as part of your membership of Cumbria Chamber, you can access a free IT systems and cyber security review from David Allen IT. Find out more here. 

To discuss challenges surrounding the PTSN switch off or to arrange your free review simply email us via info@cumbriachamber.co.uk and we’ll put you in touch.


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