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Beyond Brexit: our new toolkit

Cumbria Chamber of Commerce has launched a toolkit to help businesses prepare for the end of the Brexit transition period.

Business beyond Brexit has guidance on how Brexit will affect trade, travel, staff recruitment and retention, and intellectual property and data. It will be updated regularly as more information becomes available.

The toolkit also includes webinars, podcasts and a virtual events programme, which starts with an online workshop on customs and VAT on September 16.

Chamber Chief Executive Rob Johnston said: “Although the UK left the EU in January, very little has changed for businesses because we are still in the transition period.

“There will be major changes when the transition period ends on December 31 and it’s important that businesses are ready.

“Those that trade with the EU will see the biggest impacts but it isn’t only about trade. I’d urge all businesses to take a look at the toolkit and start thinking about what they need to do.

“Covid has been such a distraction that many businesses have ignored Brexit planning until now. There are only four months to go so it can’t be ignored any longer.”

The Chamber set up a Brexit toolkit last year, which was used by nearly 2,700 businesses.

It has been completely overhauled for the relaunch and is now slicker and easier to navigate.

Rob said: “There was a lot of uncertainty last year as to what Brexit would look like or even whether it would happen at all.

“Things are much clearer now. The trade talks with the EU will determine whether there are tariffs but everything else is pretty much a known quantity.

“The advice to businesses is unequivocal and more concise. There really is no reason to delay your preparations.”

He added: “The argument over whether Brexit was a good idea is long past. It’s now about putting processes in place to minimise disruption and make the most of opportunities.

“Our role as a Chamber is to help businesses do that. There’s a lot of information out there and our toolkit brings it together in one place in an easy-to-use format. It m


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