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3 ways to cost-effectively market your business using social media

Did you know that social media is one of the most cost-effective and accessible ways to market your business? From honing in on local communities, to reaching global audiences, social media can support your business’ objectives.

Here are three ways to improve your social media marketing, without spending a penny, from Kendal based social media agency meaningfulmarketing:

1) Be where your customers are

There’s no point trying to be on every single social media platform. You’ll be overwhelmed, and likely sacrifice quality. Instead, find the platforms where your audience actually are. We’d recommend focusing on one or two. As a general rule of thumb, the older the social media platform is, the older the demographic is!

2) Find out what hashtags they’re using

If you’re using Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter, hashtags are a powerful way to develop brand awareness and reach your target market. From local area hashtags, like #CumbriaLife which has 150k+ hashtags on Instagram, to #Cumbria on Twitter, there’s lots of options. To find the right ones for you, we’d recommend looking at your industry, location, and target market. You can then create a bank of go-to hashtags for each post.

3) Find your audience first

Social media is supposed to be social. Go out and find your ideal clients and engage with them. Leave meaningful comments and start conversations so that you’re on their radar. After all, if they don’t know you exist, how can they buy from you?!

Would you like more help to get the most out of your social media? We’re a social media agency that puts the soul back into the scroll for businesses of all sizes across the UK.  We’ve helped clients win special mentions for social media use, sell out exhibitions, increase their engagement by over 1000%, and more.

We’re taking on new clients in 2023. Book in for a free, no obligations consultation at www.meaningfulmarketing.org


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