Andrew Burrell

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Describe his job in less than a minute

Andrew is the Director of Enable Success, this is a data analysis company which unlocks information within data. He helps transform businesses, customer relationships, revenue, product design, operation efficiency and more. Driven by helping people, supporting sustainable solutions and making sure everything is people centric. He helps businesses find insight into their data, and helps them understand and unlock information.

What is his connection to Cumbria?

Andrew was born in Milburn in Cumbria, both his parents were born locally and he has many generations in the county. He grew up and went to school in the area and feels a strong connection to Cumbria and the local community. One of his dreams is to start an insight centre in Cumbria and hire local people.

Why join the Chamber’s board of directors?

Andrew feels there is massive potential for the Chamber. It attracts naturally entrepreneurial, innovative people and helps connect creative and traditional businesses while bringing together many different talents across a geographically challenged area. Andrew’s passion is to help the Chamber grow and engage with its members more, and offer a creative centre for the county.

What is his standout/best quality when working?

Andrew believes his best quality is being able to relate to the people that he works with. He strongly believes in building relationships, especially in the world of data as many people don’t think data is about human beings, but it is! His ability to articulate that, and make people around him feel relaxed and talk freely about their issues is extremely beneficial in his workplace. His judgement-free personality encourages people to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions which is another standout quality.

What is his biggest career highlight to date?

Andrew prides himself on his customer loyalty and making sure that his customers are satisfied. One of his biggest achievements was at a conference in Istanbul where he presented to over 500 people. He’s also held design workshops for people around the world which he enjoys as it brings people together and gives them a memorable learning experience. He’s also proud of the time he spent in a small French community, where he lived with people with learning difficulties and helped them.

A fun fact

Andrew loves dogs! He’s also an Ordained Minister in the Church of England working towards becoming an Ordained Priest in July 2022.

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