TPS Publishing Ltd, Junior Proof reader, Millom

Job description:
1. To ensure that text content in new educational textbooks is accurate for the U.S.A. market. This includes spelling and grammar using a U.S.A. appropriate tools.
2. To review and ensure accuracy of marketing documents for the U.K. and U.S.A. using appropriate tools.
3. To review Spanish translations of U.S.A. and U.K. English text using appropriate tools.

Main Activities:
1. Reading English and/or Spanish text and highlighting any inaccuracies
2. Creating proposed edits, using appropriate tools
3. Review and corrections of text content in PDF format and or online documents
4. Review of translated products for accuracy using appropriate tools
5. To learn skills using appropriate software such as Microsoft Office and or Adobe Software
6. To learn the process for book publishing and the importance of proof reading
7. To learn how to self-motivate oneself and work as part of a team using appropriate tools

Essential skills and requirements:
English Language and/or Spanish Language Degree.
Good I.T. skills
Positive attitude, able to work within a team
Full Driver’s License would be welcome

Working pattern:
25 hours. TPS is flexible; we can often suit hours to applicant’s needs.
Once trained, applicants may be able to work some hours at home.

Hourly rate of pay:
National Minimum Wage

Job placement location:
Any location –Training at either Company HQ; Millom Cumbria, LA19 5TN. OR in Leyland PR26 7JQ