Stan Sherlock Associates, Marketing Assistant, Carlisle

Job description:
We have an opportunity for a kickstarter to support our marketing team. At SSA we have been focusing heavily on our digital marketing in the last 18 months and have grown our leads significantly because of it.

We place a lot of importance on creating high quality engaging content for our readers/viewers and need someone who is ready to learn different types of editing software, develop a knowledge of SEO and be creative with images and information.

You will be given lots of support but you will be expected to bring your own ideas and work independently in time.

Essential skills and requirements:
Open and creative mind, willing to learn, determination, accuracy, committed, a knowledge of social media platforms useful but not essential, an interest in marketing and content creation.

Working pattern:
25 hours. 9 – 3 or 10 – 4 or 11 – 5 (inclusive of an hours lunch break)- Candidates choice

Hourly rate of pay:
National Minimum Wage

Job placement location: