Stan Sherlock Associates, Business Support Team – IT, Carlisle

Job description:
We’d like someone to work with us to learn how important our IT systems are to the business. How our greatest asset is our client information and how we use our assets and our IT systems together to attract business, provide a seamless service to the clients and comply with the law.

We’re currently undergoing a lot of change at SSA including one of our main submission systems. We would like someone with a strong interest in IT to help us make these changes efficiently and to look for new innovative ways to create efficiency and ease for all our staff.

The candidate will have a good knowledge of Microsoft; including excel. Will have an analytical mind and the ability to come up with and try new ideas. You need to be resilient as nothing every idea will be a good one and not every idea will work but without trying them we’ll never know.

You will need to be hard working and driven and most importantly a self starter as we have detailed databases that need updating and filing away safely.

This is not a client facing role and would suit someone who is very computer/tech orientated.

Essential skills and requirements:
Microsoft: Word, Excel. Teams
Ability to work as a team
Self starter and driven

Working pattern:
25 hours. 9 – 3 (can be flexible).

Hourly rate of pay:
National Minimum Wage.

Job placement location: