Unitary Authorities

From 1 April 2023 local government in Cumbria will change.

The current six district councils and Cumbria County Council will be replaced by two new unitary authorities:
Cumberland Council and Westmorland and Furness Council.

This is the biggest change to Cumbria’s local government since 1974 when the counties
of Cumberland and Westmorland were brought together to form Cumbria.

Local elections are taking place on Thursday 5 May 2022 where councillors will be
elected to sit on the two new Shadow Authorities. The new Cumberland Council will
have 46 councillors and Westmorland and Furness Council will have 65 councillors.
Councillors will initially sit on two Shadow Authorities until Vesting day (1 April 2023),
and then serve on the new councils for a further four-year term.

To raise awareness of local government reorganisation and local elections, an
advertising campaign will run from 7 April to 5 May 2022. The campaign aims to:

  • Communicate the core message of ‘this is real opportunity to shape the future of
    local council services in Cumbria’
  • Target hard to reach groups including the 18-35 demographic and ‘low turn out’
  • Raise awareness of LGR and educate residents on what it means for them – the
    structure of the new councils and how the changes will impact services
  • Encourage residents to sign up for the electoral register so they are eligible to
    vote in the local election on 5th May 2022.

We would encourage you to get involved and have your say on shaping Cumbria’s future.

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