Is your vehicle winter-ready?

As the dark nights are now here, the AA is warning road users to make sure their vehicles are ready for the winter months ahead. If you have access to a work vehicle, have you made sure your it’s winter-ready?

Tyres, lights, and all-round vision are vital parts of your winter vehicle preparation. In addition to increased fuel consumption, badly worn or under-inflated tyres can have a negative effect on vehicle handling, especially in the winter months when grip on our roads is naturally reduced.

Tyre problems are the number one reason for members to call the AA for help, with more than one tyre-related breakdown every minute. And worn-out tyres are not only more likely to suffer a blow-out, but in the event of a downpour a worn tyre is likely to aquaplane, meaning a significantly increased stopping distance and loss of control.

Ensuring your business vehicle is winter-ready could help eliminate the risk of roadside breakdowns. But in the unfortunate occasion you find yourself broken down; Chamber Saving’s Roadside Assistance can help. Through Chamber Roadside Assistance, Cumbria Chamber members can access up to a 67% discount on business breakdown cover if that ever does happen.

If you want to find out more about the service visit here. Or if you have any queries you can contact the team by emailing or calling 0845 22 600 40.

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