The Directors Club – How to get involved.

The Directors Club activity is really gathering pace now.

This is a Cumbria Chamber of Commerce members’ exclusive group that enables business leaders, directors and senior managers to open doors, create high quality introductions and facilitates individual personal and professional development through a trusted partner network. The Directors Club is free to join until the end of the year.

Monday, 20th September saw the first of the in-person Directors Club ‘Monday Night Business Talks’, a networking dinner at which we heard from two members discussing their current business challenges.

Cumbria Chamber has been working hard in the background to bring valuable and interesting events to Directors Club members. We’ve also secured a legal sponsor, Muckle LLP who are on hand to ensure your business is on top of current legal issues and can offer best practice advice and legal insight.

Muckle LLP are also offering online training and a series of employment masterclasses that Directors Club members can attend either free, or at a discounted rate. These training sessions include Directors Duties, Contracts Training and Employment Masterclasses.

So, if you’re interested in becoming a member and getting involved, please register your interest here.

Please note, to become a member of The Directors Club you must be a member of Cumbria Chamber of Commerce.

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