Energy price hikes calls for Cumbrian businesses to assess their utility bills

With the huge rise in gas and electricity prices this winter period, Cumbrian businesses will once again feel the impact of the energy crisis at a time when cashflow is already under pressure.

To ensure local businesses are in the best position to deal with the energy crisis, Cumbria Chamber of Commerce has partnered up with local utility firm, Go Low Carbon, to provide Cumbrian businesses with cheaper, greener tariffs through Chamber Utilities.

Cumbrian businesses have already saved more than £680,000 by switching their gas, electricity and water tariffs through Go Low Carbon. On top of that their focus on greener electricity has reduced their clients carbon emissions by 8,300 Tonnes, equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of 4,500 family cars or the carbon absorbed by a forest the size 120 football pitches.

As well as competitive rates for business utilities, Go Low Carbon offer Cumbria Chamber members access to technologies such as solar panels and carbon footprint audits. Having previously benefitted from being longstanding Chamber of Commerce members, Go Low Carbon are pleased to be working alongside the Chamber.

Eve Halliday, Business Growth Manager of Cumbria Chamber of commerce said: “It’s great to be working with Go Low Carbon at a time when businesses really need it. It’s really true that every little helps when it comes to business growth and sometimes you do find those ‘marginal gains’ in your overhead reductions.

“Price hikes in energy tariffs can quickly eat up margins that many businesses have struggled to maintain over the last 18 months and if we can help keep that impact to a minimum, or in some cases actually a reduction, then it helps soften yet another blow to businesses.

“Partnering with Ryan and his team was an easy decision, from conception they have worked with the Chamber and we’ve supported them to a point where they can now support us and the wider community, I’m incredibly proud of that. By working together, we are stronger together.’’

Ryan Park, Director of Go Low Carbon said: “Cumbrian businesses are operating in a tough environment and on top of rising costs for materials many are now facing a huge jump in gas and electricity costs this winter due to the energy crisis.

“It’s more important than ever that businesses review how they buy energy, and the launch of the partnership gives Chamber members access to cheaper, greener tariffs as well as free advice on how to become more energy efficient.

“We’ve been Chamber members since the company first started and the wide range of services and support made available have been key to our success at all stages of set up and growth. I’m proud to partner with the Chamber to add another beneficial service to their offering. Buying business energy has traditionally been made unnecessarily complicated and time consuming. We are able to take the hassle away for busy business owners and signpost towards competitive tariffs, often see savings of over 40%.”

More information about the Chamber Utilities service can be found on the Cumbria Chamber website here.

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