A Kickstart to success

Cumbria Chamber of Commerce has now supported over 400 businesses secure Kickstart placement roles, with more than 500 roles being offered between them. To date over 150 16–24-year-olds have filled these places, with many being offered full time roles or apprenticeships on completion. Job centres across the county still have hundreds of roles to fill, but they can’t do that without suitable candidates.

Kickstart offers those aged between 16 and 24 and claiming Universal Credit a 6-month, 25 hour per week placement, with wages and National Insurance contributions paid by the Government. There are still some amazing placements that need filled including Teaching Assistants, Marketing and Events Coordinators, Finance Assistants, Composite Boat Builders, Social Media Assistants and even Horn Workers!

So, we’re urging you to tell those who are 16-24 years old and aren’t working at the minute to check the job placements available out there. Possibly they didn’t get the GCSE or A-level grades they expected, or the traditional route of school/college/university isn’t what they’d hoped for. Job centres are open and have staff there to discuss the opportunities with you so please spread the word should you know a young person looking for an opportunity.

We are hosting all placements (filled and vacant) on our website here: https://www.cumbriachamber.co.uk/policy-and-representation/kickstart-placement-vacancies. But if you’re aware of anyone who’d be interested in these roles, please encourage them to check their Universal Credit eligibility and speak directly to their work coach.

*Cumbria Chamber aren’t pursuing any further Kickstart placements.

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