3 Tips for Welcoming Your Staff Back

Whether your staff have been working remotely for the last year or have been furloughed, or you’ve taken on new staff over the Covid period, you’re bound to experience some teething issues when welcoming everyone back into the ‘office’. Here are some tips to help you:

Here are some tips when welcoming your staff back to work:

1- It’s not been easy for any of us. Recognition can help create a bond between people and heightens self-esteem, helping them perform better. By recognising your staff, either by reward or even an email, helps them see that their company values them.

2- It’s still vital that your workplace is safe and sanitised to prevent people from catching Covid and other transmissible illnesses. Regularly sanitised workspaces should be the top priority. to ensure staff are kept safe in their place of work and avoid disruption to the business through illness and staff having to isolate.

If your organisation needs guidance on making the workplace Covid secure, with Chamber membership you can access support through Chamber Protect. This gives you access to an advice line and over 750 free downloadable template documents which include employment, H&S and legal documents and more.

3- Those who’ve been working remotely are likely to have discovered the benefits of that flexibility and be keen to continue these – whether full or part time. It may be purely around location, or include flexing working hours. If your organisation can allow more flexibility such as alternative working hours or full or part working from home, it could boost morale and improve the physical and mental wellbeing of your team. And there can be more direct benefits to your business too!

For guidance on issues such as managing staff concerns when returning to work, practical and legal issues with staff working flexibly and vaccine related disputes the Chamber will be hosting an online training session on Thursday 18th March. Find out more here.

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