Directors Club Partners

Progressive thought leaders, invited to collaborate with, influence and empower Cumbria’s business leadership community.

Our trusted Directors Club Partners provide the vital link and impetus for profitable interaction across the membership.

Our partners understand the time it takes to court and build trust with potential new clients. The Directors Club provides the opportunity to showcase your qualities and expertise, including offering exclusive or enhanced services the client doesn’t currently receive.

The Directors Club provides:

  • The right people with the right mindset, face to face, who are in a position to buy your products or services.
  • Exclusive client requested introductions.
  • A forum to demonstrate that you are leaders in your field.
  • The opportunity to boost your profile through association with Cumbria Chamber of Commerce and its unrivalled channels of communication and business networks.
  • A ready made platform for hosting your own podcasts, videos and webinars to build an audience and increase ROI.

Member/Partner Touch Points

  • Professional Development: Partner to peer topical expert seminars, or study groups, showcasing expertise and forging trusted relationships.
  • Policy Briefing: Secure a seat round the table for quick response policy change and understand its impact from the start – as and when required.
  • Strategic Thinking: Challenge your view and thinking with our trusted external partners.
  • Business Case Study Tours: Partners can bring their client case studies to life: influence our members with a demonstration of success.
  • Women Director Club Lunches/Events: 50% of Chamber membership is female.
  • Dinner 8 Star Club: Unique opportunity to tour Cumbria’s 8 Michelin Stars – Dinner tour with a speaker – multiple visits can be arranged per restaurant.
  • Experience: These are high quality social/experiences, always connected to partners and key decision makers. For example, a Golf or Race Day.
  • Gala Dinner: End of year celebration – exclusive – prestigious – meaningful – fun – Director Club informal special awards of acknowledgment.
  • Digital Knowledge Hub Resource: Partner masterclass podcasts, videos, webinars, newsletters and emails.
  • Members Lifestyle: Exclusive invitations, discounts and offers from our partner network, from retail to travel and culture to dining.

The Directors Club is the place for finding out who the serious players are in Cumbria’s business community.

To find out more, contact us now on 0845 226 0040 or email us at