Chamber Utilities

Are you looking to save money, make the move to carbon neutral, or just looking for someone to do the leg work for you? Chamber Utilities can help.

Through our partnership with local, climate-focused business, Go Low Carbon, Cumbria Chamber members can reduce their carbon footprint while saving money on their business energy rates. These exclusive, discounted services include:

  • Green Energy Tariff Brokering
  • Commercial Solar PV Installations
  • Carbon Reduction Journeys via Carbon Audit
Go Low Carbon has saved its clients £1m+ in the last year alone, simply by switching them to cheaper, greener energy contracts.

Recent forecasts from the Cornwall Insight suggest that business energy rates will remain 2.5 times higher than the pre-2021 average until 2030 at the earliest. If you’re a business owner, it’s time to start safeguarding. Go Low Carbon can help protect you against volatile energy price fluctuation while improving your all-important sustainability credentials.

If you’d like to take further control of your businesses future from a fiscal and environmental perspective request a call back here: