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Reconnecting with our customers face-to-face

If you’re a business in the Allerdale area and have not received alternative support by way of free Cumbria Chamber of Commerce membership, you could be eligible for this free workshop.

Are you ready to welcome your customers back?

Covid-19 has hit the retail, hospitality and service industries very hard. Now that recovery is just around the corner, it’s vital that we are ready to welcome our customers back and can deliver the right level of service for people re-discovering face-to-face services.

The returning customer is likely to have different expectations

Over the past year, we have seen a dramatic transformation in how people buy and interact with products and services. Some of us will be glad to get back to normal, but many of the new behaviours we’ve learned may stay for a long time.

  • Buying online has rocketed. Will your customers want to give up the convenience of having things delivered to their home?
  • People who regularly visited salons have resorted to buying off-the-shelf products (hairdye/nail kits etc). How can you entice customers to come back for expensive salon treatments?
  • Families and friends have grown accustomed to Friday-night catch-ups with a takeaway and a few drinks over Zoom. Are they ready for restaurant or pub dining again?
  • Consumers are more financially aware and need to consider value along with convenience and availability. How can you persuade them to spend their money with you?

Restore trust and loyalty through customer service

We are all hungry for wonderful experiences with friends and families, which means our expectations are high. Excellent customer service is one of the most critical differentiators for customers choosing what restaurants, hotels, salons and shops to frequent.

This workshop will explore the key challenges we face and will explore how to turn the challenges into opportunities to deliver excellent service, restore trust and maintain customer loyalty:

  • Understanding changing customer habits
  • Managing customer expectations
  • Adapting to the new normal
  • Bringing your customers back after lockdown
  • Maintaining customer loyalty
  • Dealing with anxious, cautious, frustrated or angry customers
  • Delivering quality service with reduced/new employees
  • Ensuring consistent customer experience

To find out if you’re eligible and book a place on this workshop, please email info@cumbriagrowthhub.co.uk.

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