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Online Training Session – ‘Rules of Origin’ with Mark Rowbotham of Portcullis, Wednesday, 5th May, 2021

If you’re a business that trades internationally, you’ll know HMRC no longer has the same degree of access as they did previously. And they are no longer in a position to assist companies with issues such as Customs, Excise & VAT.

HMRC clearly states that traders must be fully compliant with Customs Import and Export Procedures and documentary requirements in order to be considered for many Customs-related approvals. However, traders also need access to significant levels of advice and expertise to maintain full compliance with HMRC requirements.

This Rules of Origin session is presented by Cumbria Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, 5th May, 2021, 10am-1.30pm. Mark Rowbotham of Portcullis as part of a series of webinars in line with the main issues concerning the UK’s separation from the EU. The webinars are designed to give an overview of the main issues affecting traders in the region, but are also designed to enable companies to ask for further specialist assistance in the areas which most concern them.

This session covers:

  • The Rules of Origin concerning preferential trade, particularly trade with the EU.
  • The main issues surrounding the International Supply Chain.
  • The determination of the origin of basic materials.
  • The means of calculating origin for products exported from the UK.
  • How to find the various rules of origin per product.
  • The use of Long-Term Suppliers’ Declarations.

It also covers issues such as:

  • Bilateral Cumulation Build-Up and Build-Down Methods.
  • the nature of Non-Originating Material and Standard Costing Methods.
  • Import/export solutions where preferential origin may not be possible to achieve.

There will also be a Q&A.

The standard rate for this session is £145+VAT for non-members, or offered at a discounted rate of £95+VAT for Chamber members. To book a place you will be directed to our third party event booking site. The information you provide remains the property of Cumbria Chamber of Commerce and will not be used by the third party in any manner. You can book your place(s) here.

Any cancellations must be received at least three working days before the event. Otherwise you’ll be charged for non-attendance.

If you have any questions regarding the training, please contact Catherynn Dunstan at catherynn@cumbriachamber.co.uk.

Chamber Business Solutions is also able to deliver bespoke and in-house training – with our highly experienced team of trainers and subject matter experts we are committed to assisting you get the business results you need to achieve. For information on how we can help, please email catherynn@cumbriachamber.co.uk.

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