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Implementation Masterclass: Successfully implementing change in your business with Nicola MacPhail of Gen-i Business Consulting – Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, Carlisle – 8th November

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Always busy working IN your business, but not ON your business?

“It’s important to have a sound idea, but the really important thing is the implementation.” Wilbur Ross

Are you?:

  • Struggling to find time to work on those big plans in your business?
  • Always busy working IN your business but not ON your business?
  • Full of ideas on how to improve/expand your business operations but never get round to them?
  • You start implementing something but then never finish?

Then join Cumbria Chamber of Commerce and Nicola MacPhail of Gen-I Business Consulting, 8th November, 10am to 4pm, Cumbria Chamber, 16-20 Lowther St, Carlisle to find out how to make that time and successfully implement change in your business.


In one day, Nicola will show how to:

  • Save hours of your time each day
  • Work more efficiently
  • Improve your focus
  • Activate the power of your daily habits to work for you
  • Implement change in your workday and also your staff’s

What you will learn:

  • Key insights into the psychology of change
  • How your daily habits can be leveraged to work for you
  • The common mistakes people make when they try to implement changes
  • Loads of productivity hacks and tips
  • How to create an effective implementation plan


  • Actually create YOUR own implementation plan during the workshop – to help you start making changes today.

What is Gen-i?

Gen-i = Generate Impact

How do you generate impact? Here is an equation…

Impact = Vision x Structure

The ‘Vision’ – The WHY Person:

The visionary. A passionate leader and usually the founder, they think about the future, dream, imagine and inspire. Their energy started the business and continues to drive the business forward. Without them, the business would not exist. They are the fuel for the engine.

The ‘Structure’ – The HOW Person:

The strategic, focused, innovative, pragmatic facilitator; they implement the ‘Structure’ in the business that allows it to succeed and grow. They convert the ‘WHY’ person’s vision into a reality. They create (and importantly maintain) the engine that uses the visionary ‘fuel’ to propel the business forward.

If you are the ‘Vision’ in your business, then ‘Structure’ can be a multiplier. This is how Nicola helps others SUCCEED.

Nicola is your ‘HOW’ person.

She works as a coach, run training workshops and Implementer events where she teaches people HOW to make change happen. She also write extensively on change management, the power of habits and productivity.

Nicola loves to make the seemingly impossible tasks, possible. We all know WHAT to do, but do we know HOW to implement it successfully. That’s where her knowledge of the HOW of change comes in. She works as a consultant and coach teaching business owners and their staff the ‘HOW’ skillset.

Enabling them to not only have the great ideas, but implement them too.

Check out www.gen-i.co.uk for more information.

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