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Brand For Business – Series of Business Branding Workshops with Adam Thorp of ‘The Brand Chap’ – starts 25th January 2019, Newton Rigg, Penrith – Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

Adam ‘the Brand Chap’ Thorp has become one of the specialists and thought leaders in all facets of go-to-market development through to front-line sales and marketing execution. Organisations of all size and sector seek his expertise to help them define and execute their brand, promise and offering DNA to achieve deep and sustainable efforts.

In his commitment to consistently demystify and empower businesses, enabling them to navigate with confidence the ever-changing and increasingly complicated world of brand, marketing and consumer engagement, Adam is offering 6 brand focused workshops. These workshops are specifically aimed at supporting organisations in their goal to achieve brand savvy growth, sales and market position, helping them ensure their brand strategy oozes through everything they do both internally and externally.

All of these workshops will be run at Newton Rigg Conference Centre, Penrith 10am to 4pm.


Session 1 – 25th January 2019

Laser sharp clarity and vision for you and your brand.

Easy to say, harder to do; this session is about really challenging yourself to dare to dream, break the rules and create the ‘BrandCatapult’ that everything from on will feed off.

  • Why Brand Wins… EVERY TIME!!!
  • Your Passion and Story
  • End-Goal
  • Be Brave
  • 5 Years-on
  • The Gap
  • Mission
  • The Pitch
  • Strap-up

Find, believe, say it…

Session 2 – 22nd February 2019

Emotionally intelligent and honest brands with depth…Win.

Unlock and reveal the key elements that should ooze from everything you do.

Then learn how to use them as building blocks to craft an honest brand that people just love.

  • It’s all About You…
  • Why you?
  • Connect Deeper
  • Your Ethics
  • Your Promise
  • Your Message
  • Your Team
  • Your Clients
  • Your Voice
  • Your Tone
  • Your Type
  • Your Style
  • Don’t Wander
  • The Key

Let them fall in love…

Session 3 – 22nd March 2019

Offerings that stop your audience in their tracks.

Starting from what product or service you want to offer (or already do); this session is designed to challenge and stretch your thinking.

The aim? To create/hone something truly stand-out that your audience simply cannot ignore.

  • It’s all about them…
  • Perfect Customer
  • What’s the Pain
  • Split your Audience
  • Message for each
  • How you Help
  • Embrace Competition
  • Go Big or Go Home
  • Make it Simple
  • Love the Process
  • Smooth Journey
  • Just add WOW’s
  • Welcome Critique

Offer the better way…

Session 4 – 26th April 2019

Position, price, process and packages that sell.

Learn the steps to extract and create structured packages; prices in a strategic way that reduces barriers, increases enquiries and then works towards not only a one-off sale but potential recurring revenue.

  • Price Appropriate
  • What works?
  • Retaining Control
  • Lifetime Client Value
  • Buying Clients
  • Give it Away!
  • £100 Pizza
  • First Date
  • Again, Again, Again…
  • Become Irresistible
  • Booby-Traps
  • Process is Profit

Make buying easy…
Session 5 – 24th May 2019

Empower yourself to be on-brand and truly creative.

It’s never been easier to create content and media’ although with that comes great risk to quality and brand-dilution.

Let’s walk through the processes, tips, tricks and shortcuts that agencies use and you that you can too.

  • How good do you look?
  • Why Creativity is Key
  • D.I.Y. Vs Outsource
  • Empower Yourself
  • Tools at Hand
  • An afternoon of understanding how easy/hard it is to create different on-brand content.
  • Creative Roadmap

Wrap your message…
Session 6 – 28th June 2019

Where, how and what to shout about.

Learn some of the best ‘new’ and ‘old’ ways to get yourself in front of your audience; while also unlocking the secret to an efficient workflow that can say you £1000’s.

  • Follow the Attention
  • All in hand
  • Voice is here
  • Google’s worried
  • Storytelling VS Sales
  • Testimonials
  • Video, Video, Video
  • Workflow Savvy
  • Big Rock, Little Rock
  • Repurpose & Repeat
  • Own your Audience
  • Track & Adjust
  • + Whatever’s current

Go make noise…

After 25 years and leading his award winning agency Adam has worked with large corporations, start-ups and everything in between, across the UK, Europe and beyond. Brand and the inherent link to human emotion is at Adam’s core. He continues to push, challenge and test theories in the marketplace by mixing newer and ever-evolving technologies with seasoned marketing methodology and media. For further information on Adam and his agency please visit thebrandchap.com

The delegate rate for the 6 day workshop series is  £750 +VAT members / £1495 +VAT non-members. We may be able to offer workshops individually if you were just interested in booking on single sessions, however this is very dependent on space availability (space is limited to 14 delegates).

To book a place on these workshop, you will be directed to our third party event booking site. The information you provide remains the property of Cumbria Chamber of Commerce and will not be used by the third party in any manner. 


Should you have any questions regarding the above training, please do not hesitate to contact me catherynn@cumbriachamber.co.uk.

Any cancellations must be received at least three working days before the event, otherwise you will be charged for non-attendance.

Chamber Business Solutions is also able to deliver bespoke and in-house training – with our highly experienced team of trainers and subject matter experts we are committed to assisting you get the business results you need to achieve. For further information on how we can help your business please contact catherynn@cumbriachamber.co.uk

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