Chamber Newcomers

Inspiring the next generation of Business Leaders

Chamber Newcomers provides a platform for aspiring young business people in Cumbria to help them grow and develop through exclusive events and personal development sessions.

It is designed to help businesses support and nurture staff who are dedicated to advancing their careers and ensures employers can directly benefit from staff who are more confident, knowledgeable and motivated.

Chamber Newcomers is the ideal platform to share and benefit from the expertise of today’s business leaders.

The networking events offer members the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with their peers in a relaxed and informal environment. The Personal Development sessions deliver inspirational and interactive sessions aimed at developing essential business and leadership skills.

Chamber Newcomers welcomes people from all sectors seeking to share experiences, to learn from business leaders and to work with their peers to develop new skills, knowledge and best practice.

To find out more contact Catherynn Dunstan on 0845 226 0040 or email