Opportunity to provide engagement and advice services for Cumbria Business Growth Hub

19 Sep 2017

This opportunity is issued by Cumbria Chamber of Commerce in relation to engaging businesses in support and delivering advice. Our requirement is in relation to a number of separate initiatives supporting non ERDF eligible businesses.

Note: If you are already working for us as an adviser in any capacity you should reapply to work on this activity, ensuring you highlight relevant sector experience (submitting a previous application plus a covering letter with appropriate cross referencing and any additional information you wish to provide will be acceptable).


The Chamber delivers a number of support initiatives aimed at non ERDF eligible businesses. These include local initiatives funded by local authorities and a Cumbria-wide scheme funded by BEIS through Cumbria LEP.

Non ERDF eligible businesses include, for example, those in sectors such as agriculture, horticulture, visitor economy, consumer services, retail and the nuclear supply chain. As part of this there is a requirement to support scale-up businesses as well as steady state and those looking to grow more slowly.

Specific requirements

We therefore have a requirement for subcontracted advisers to:
• engage businesses, promote the project offer and encourage take up
• review business needs and produce an action plan
• provide generalist and/or specialist advice to businesses
• make clients aware of the wider support on offer and refer them into this
• ensure that project paperwork is fully and correctly completed, including required signatures, and provided to the Growth Hub in a timely manner

Advisers may bring their own clients to these initiatives and/or support clients referred to them by the Growth Hub.


These initiatives operate to varying timescales, with some expected to run until approximately March 2019. Note that there will be no commitment to a particular number of hours under the contract, either in total or in any given period.

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