Opportunity for Business Membership Organisations

08 Nov 2017

Opportunity for business membership organisations to provide business engagement and training needs analysis services for Cumbria Business Growth Hub

This opportunity is issued by Cumbria Chamber of Commerce in relation to engaging small and medium sized businesses in developing their workforce and to undertaking training needs analyses.


The ESF Employees Support in Skills initiative is aimed at encouraging businesses throughout Cumbria to consider workforce development as part of their plans, and in particular growth plans, providing free training and encouraging businesses to offer apprenticeships. It is delivered by a partnership led by Carlisle College.

As part of this Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, through the Growth Hub, is tasked with engaging with businesses, undertaking training needs analyses and promoting take-up of training and apprenticeships, as well as providing an impartial brokerage service between businesses and providers.

We already have an adviser team on the ground throughout the county undertaking this activity and membership organisations and groups are encouraged to refer businesses into this support. However to maximise the opportunities for SMEs we are offering business membership organisations the opportunity to undertake engagements and training needs analyses directly.


The activity is now operating and is expected to run until approximately March 2018. Note that there will be no commitment to a particular number of hours under the contract, either in total or in any given period.

Further details

Download the TNA brief here

Download the TNA questionnaire here

Download the draft contract here

Download the award criteria here

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