Brexit Toolkit

19 Jul 2017

The Brexit toolkit will enable you to self-audit your current trade with EU countries, with a view to ensuring your business is ready to cope with post-Brexit regulation changes and in a position to take advantage of any relevant tax and duty relief schemes available.

Find out what leaving the EU means for your business, use the Brexit Toolkit's online calculator to see how your duty charges could change and stay on top of the trade news.

If you need more help you can arrange an on-site consultation with a Brexit specialist, make a post in the Brexit forum or read through our Brexit international trade blog.

Check out the Brexit toolkit at

Included in the Brexit toolkit:

Brexit Self-Audit Tool

Use our online Brexit tool to perform a tariff impact assessment and see what Brexit will mean for your business.

Brext Forum

Have questions of how Brexit will affect you? Ask the community and get feedback from others in the industry.

Customs Tools

Find tools to help with the impact of post-Brexit import and export customs declarations.

Certificate of Origin

Get certified documents quickly and easily using e-z Cert's online tool, Certificates of Origin, ATA Carnet, Certified Certificates and more.

Check out the Brexit toolkit at

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