Added Value

Would you like to cut costs and create time to allow you the time and resources to concentrate on growing your business?

Cumbria Chamber of Commerce offers members a comprehensive range of products and services, designed to help businesses grow and operate effectively. All services are either free or discounted to members and many are exclusive.

The Chamber's range of services is constantly being enhanced to provide a competitive option for services from Invoice Financing and Foreign Exchange to Legal Advice and Health Plans. Access to these services at significantly advantageous rates ensures businesses are able to benefit directly from their membership.

Core services specifically designed to benefit member businesses.

“Our membership of Cumbria Chamber gives us the best rates for merchant services...”

Katie Milbourn, Director, Walby Farm Park

HR Advice, Legal Expenses & Advice Line, Utilities, Primary Health Plan, Roadside Assistance, Fleet Advantage, Invoice Finance, Foreign Exchange, Merchant Services, Finance Hotline, Export Documentation Service...